For us, at B- Town Threads, we wanted more… to shine not just inside our homes, but into our community as well. We believe, through serving, sharing and loving others that we shine brightest and can make the biggest impact on the world.  B-Town Threads has been created to contribute to the betterment of our community, to be a place of encouragement to families and to create an environment where we work together to shine The Light, starting with our hometown of Branson, Missouri. 
We’re Shining on through our B-Town Local Apparel. We started our line of B-Town Local Apparel to provide trendy, unique clothing that gives back.  A portion of all proceeds will be given to local nonprofit charities, so they may continue in their efforts in providing services and fulfilling needs within Branson. Our hope is when you wear B-Town Local Apparel, that you will feel the same love and pride for the beautiful city that we share. 

B-Town Threads is committed to furthering community and family connection.  We believe that communities shine the brightest as we serve and share with one another.  We value faith, family, giving and connection. It is our hope that B-Town Threads will be a beacon of love and commitment to our community and through our interactions that we inspire others to do the same... Shine On! 

Let your light shine before others that they will see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.    -Matthew 5:16

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